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How Can Heat Pump Installation Lower your Energy Bills?

Heat pump installation is increasing in popularity in Peoria and elsewhere in Arizona. While there’s an initial cost involved in heat pump systems and installation, the cost-benefit analysis has many people lining up to try to learn more about this technology so that they can take advantage of it. Depending on the system you use and the size of your space, a heat pump, as an alternative to a traditional furnace and air conditioner or HVAC unit, can help you save upwards of 50% or even more on energy costs.

More About Heat Pumps
Heat pumps move heat and when it comes to AC, heat pump equipment moves cool air where it needs it.
There are a number of options available leveraging this technology, including geothermal options as well as units that use water or air to air systems. Geothermal options tend to be the most expensive units to purchase when compared to air systems a popular option.

You can learn more about costs, potential cost savings, installation, and operation of heat pump equipment through requesting a consultation from a local HVAC company. It could be advantageous to talk to more than one HVAC company.
This technology is something more homes and businesses in Arizona are upgrading to.  Many are upgrading from space heaters or electric heat to these systems.

Costs will vary depending on the type of system you use and whether or not you’ve chosen the right system for your space. A consultation is definitely advised, helping you learn about this technology as well as helping you explore options that could be right for your Peoria home or business.

Book a Consultation to Learn More About Ways to Save Energy Costs
Getting a heat pump estimate as well as consultation with an energy audit can help you explore whether or not this is the option you want to go with for saving on energy costs.

Worlock Heating & Air Conditioning would be happy to offer you a consultation at your Peoria home or business to discuss this technology and alternatives.

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