3 Benefits Provided by Replacement Windows in Prince Georges County, MD

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Home Improvement


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Although home upgrades in Prince Georges County are generally associated with new paint, siding or roofing, window replacement is also a popular project. Replacement Windows in Prince Georges County MD can increase curb appeal while creating more energy efficient homes. Homeowners may even use projects to change window opening styles.

Replacement Windows Add Curb Appeal

Installing new windows can make a dramatic improvement in a home’s appearance, which increases its curb appeal. Owners often use window replacement projects as an opportunity to update their decorating style or even change the sizes of windows. They might remove a bank of small, nondescript windows and add a stunning picture window that provides a better view of a beautiful landscape. Suppliers offer a wide range of products in various materials and make it easy for customers to compare options. For instance, homeowners can browse Website Domain and see choices like vinyl products in elegant, low-maintenance styles. Options can also include bay and bow, glass block and garden windows.

Homeowners May Alter Window Openings

Many residents use Replacement Windows in Prince Georges County MD to completely alter window openings. They might replace older styles with fixed windows that cannot open or close. That prevents any chance of air leakage but also makes it impossible for anyone to use them to escape in a fire. Those who want more secure installations that do open may opt for awning or casement windows that include cranks. They have seals which keep the elements out and prevent the loss of cooled or heated air.

Homes Become More Energy Efficient

Replacement Windows in Prince Georges County MD can also lower energy bills. Studies show that up to 46% air conditioning and 70% of heat is lost through windows, but many new styles are designed to prevent the problem. Quality manufacturers offer windows that include Low-E insulating glass. Some products have argon between the panes. It blocks as much as 84% of the sun’s dangerous UV rays while helping to keep homes comfortable year round.

Homeowners who want to increase curb appeal and lower energy bills often replace older windows. The projects also allow them to alter window openings and change the views from home interiors.

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