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3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Time has a way of causing things to fade, gather dust and become outdated. It makes sense, therefore, that you may desire to remodel your kitchen. Often, homeowners remodel rooms when they are preparing to sell, but wanting to keep it cozy for yourself and family is worthwhile, too. Before you embark on this project, kitchen design remodeling in Wheaton can offer some guidance.

Here are three ways you can spruce up your kitchen.


In a kitchen remodel, many recommend replacing existing cabinets. If your kitchen lacks cabinets, you may be advised to add a few. Cabinets are great for storage and organization. A kitchen that is organized looks aesthetically more pleasing and is less likely to invite unwanted critters inside. Cabinets can be framed or unframed, traditional or contemporary, and custom or stock.


If your kitchen has not been updated in several years, before you begin the remodel, assess the lighting. Lighting has evolved as much as other industries and fields. Cabinet, hanging and overhead lights are some of your options. Overhead lights are great for illuminating the entire room while you are cooking, but cabinet lights will do when you are searching for that midnight snack and do not wish to let anyone else know.


Even if you religiously clean your kitchen floors, the cleaning alone will cause it to lose its luster over time. If you opt for tile flooring, the array of patterns, colors and materials available is wide. The easiest way to pick flooring for your kitchen is to have it match the room’s theme. A white floor may go well with a modern theme, while neutral tones work with a rustic theme.

For your kitchen remodel, consult with professional kitchen design remodeling experts in Wheaton like River Oak Cabinetry & Design Inc.

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