5 Reasons for Commercial Roof Leak Repair

by | Jan 3, 2017 | Roofing


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As winter snow gives way to spring’s green grass, roof damage may be revealed. Winter can be particularly stressful on a roof, and spring offers an ideal opportunity to inspect it and point out potential reasons for a leaky commercial roof. Below are several reasons for immediate Commercial Roof Leak Repair.

Rapid, Repeated Freeze/Thaw Cycles

Winter is a battle between warm and cold temperatures, and fluctuations can cause damage to commercial roof membranes. The expansion and contraction of materials may cause shrinkage, pull membranes away from penetration points and walls, and separate seams.

Damage From Snow Removal

A company’s efforts to protect the structure by keeping snow off the roof can actually do more harm than good. If the roof was shoveled with a metal shovel, the roof membrane could be cut. By hiring a roofer for snow removal, companies can prevent costly, extensive damage to a commercial roof.

Damage From Debris

Winter winds can leave a roof covered in branches and debris. When cold weather comes, that debris may end up trapped between ice and snow layers. As the layers melt, debris can damage roof flashings and membranes, leading to rips, tears, and leaks.

Broken Flashing

Good flashing is a crucial part of a healthy roof. Flashings often fail before the roof does, and a contractor can inspect them for signs of damage. Worn or damaged flashing can let water into the roof, causing leaks. A contractor will look for split seams, deteriorated sealant, and membranes pulled away from penetration points and walls during a spring roof inspection.

Damaged Sealant

Roof sealants require regular inspection and touch-ups. If the sealant is showing signs of wear, it could be the cause of a roof leak. Sealants with serious damage should be evaluated and repaired by professionals.

When Leaks are Found

When a business owner discovers a roof leak, they should take steps to protect the building’s contents. Move valuable items away from the leak, and put a bucket under it to capture the water. After taking these emergency measures, call on the team at website for Commercial Roof Leak Repair as soon as possible.

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