5 Signs It’s Time for Window Replacement in O’Fallon, MO

by | May 30, 2017 | Home Improvement


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Most people don’t know the age of the windows in their home or office, which means they’re unsure about scheduling Window Replacement in O’Fallon MO. Local experts say that replacing old, worn windows can increase a building’s energy efficiency and help the owner save money on heating and cooling. Look for these signs to know when to replace a home’s or office’s windows.

They are Too Hot to Handle

Some signs of window deterioration can be seen, and some must be felt. During the heat of summer, touch the windows, and feel their warmth. If they’re uncomfortably hot to touch, consider replacing them. Windows that are too hot aren’t doing enough to keep hot air out, and they may increase the owner’s cooling costs.

Cool Spots During Winter

It is equally important to check the windows when it’s cold outside. When sitting by them in winter, does it feel as if that part of the room is cooler than the rest of the space? For cost and comfort reasons, if the windows cause cool spots in the room, it may be time for window replacement.

Damaged Panes of Glass

The appearance of the window frame and glass panes can give a building owner a better idea of the age of the windows. Take an up-close look to see if the frame is rotting or has noticeable cracks. If these signs exist, the frame is old-;which means the windows are old as well. For old windows, the best course of action is Window Replacement in O’Fallon MO.


Another wintertime tip is to pay attention to whether frost or condensation builds up on the windows. When this occurs, the seal around the windows has become damaged, and it allows cool air and moisture to seep between and behind the panes.

Appearance Issues

Do the windows look damaged, dirty, or aged? If conventional glass cleaners aren’t doing their job anymore, it may be time to replace the building’s windows.

If a home or business owner believes that window replacement is an appropriate choice, they can work with the glass repair and window installation experts at A M Richards Glass Co Inc O’Fallon MO. The trained, licensed staff will install upgraded windows that can greatly improve the energy efficiency and appearance of a home or commercial building. Visit their website or call to get more information.

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