A Professional Painter in Long Beach Can Transform a Home’s Appearance

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Home Improvement


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No redecorating project is complete without a fresh coat of paint. Whether redesigning a kitchen, bathroom or the exterior of a home, new paint adds a clean, refreshing look to any surface. Homeowners hoping to sell their property may prefer a neutral shade of paint while those creating a unique living space can opt for a bold or unusual choice of color. While some may choose to tackle the task on their own, an experienced Painter in Long Beach can complete the job efficiently with outstanding results.

Why It Pays to Hire a Painter

Although painting might seem like a simple task, it requires a number of tools to achieve the best results. The money spent to buy or rent the proper tools can instead be spent on hiring a skilled painter. A professional contractor has the right equipment to produce a near flawless finish. Hiring a professional usually results in a paint job that lasts longer, eliminating the need for frequent touch-ups.

The Importance of Prep

While purchasing high quality, durable paint is a smart choice; no brand can eliminate the need for prep work. Even the most expensive name-brand paint on the market won’t look its best without a little preparation beforehand. Everything from cleaning the walls to removing switch plates and taping should be performed prior to opening a can of paint. Although this might seem like a lot of additional work, an experienced Painter in Long Beach has the knowledge to complete the job in less time without sacrificing quality.

For outdoor paint jobs, a thorough pressure washing is sometimes necessary. Homes and businesses that haven’t been cleaned in years often have dirt, algae, mold or mildew on their exterior. Removing these contaminants helps prevent damage and results in an unblemished finish.

Paint Contractors Provide a Host of Additional Services

In addition to repainting, installing a decorative trim design can add value and elegance to a home. Like paint, new trim has the ability to alter or upgrade the look of a room.

Older homes often suffer from cracks, scrapes or other imperfections on the walls. Hiring a painting service for repairs or drywall installation is ideal to achieve an attractive finish.

For more information on painting services available in Los Angeles, Riverside or San Bernardino counties,  today. They offer a variety of additional home improvement and maintenance services, including carpet cleaning, mold remediation, and janitorial services.

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