Answers to Some Commonly Asked Questions About Residential Uses for Steel Doors in Avalon, NJ

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Home Improvement


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Steel doors have historically been featured almost exclusively in commercial buildings, rather than residential homes. Today, though, many homeowners are beginning to see the benefits of choosing this heavy-duty alternative to lightweight fiberglass and hollow wood doors. Those who are curious may want to take a look at the answers to some commonly asked questions about the use of Steel Doors in Avalon NJ residential homes below to decide if this material is right for them.

Where are They Installed?

Most homeowners choose to install steel doors between the interior and exterior areas of their homes. This will likely include the front and rear entryways, but it may also include the garage. Steel Doors in Avalon NJ can also be used in interior-to-interior spaces if there is a distinct need for added security or fire protection in one or more rooms.

Are All Doors Made of Solid Steel?

The simple answer to this question is “no.” It’s possible to purchase both solid steel doors and hollow steel doors, which are composed of an inner core of either polystyrene or polyurethane coated with a steel skin. Most homeowners choose to purchase hollow doors that feature a skin comprised of between 16 and 24 gauge steel.

What Should Homeowners Look For?

It’s important to purchase doors that come with all necessary cutouts, as it is quite difficult to install windows and pet doors in existing steel doors. Some doors also come with coats of primer or a PVC vinyl layer designed to mimic the appearance of wood. These doors are quite popular among residential homeowners. Click here for more details.

What are the Downsides?

There are few serious downsides to Steel Doors in Avalon NJ. Homeowners who are interested in purchasing steel doors should note that their weight makes them difficult to install at home, so they do require the help of an experienced contractor for installation. They should also note that it is difficult to paint over steel doors that are coated with a PVC outer layer and should choose a door accordingly. Those interested in learning more about steel doors or finding a contractor capable of professionally installing one can visit South Jersey Glass & Door online for additional information today.

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