When to Call a Professional to Repair Your Heating System

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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During the winter months when the weather outside is frightful, you rely on your furnace to do its job of keeping you nice and warm inside. But if your furnace is on the fritz, it can be downright uncomfortable and miserable inside your home. There are some repair issues in your home you can tackle yourself, but it’s best to call on the pros to address your heating needs. The following are some clues that your furnace is acting up and that it’s time to get professional heating repair in Bethany Beach, DE.

What’s That Smell?

If you’re standing by a vent and notice a musty, dusty smell coming out, it’s a pretty good bet that something is amiss with your heating system. It could be an air duct or vent problem, but most likely, your heater is acting up, and it’s time to have a technician look at it and correct this annoying problem.

Airflow is Weak

If you put your hand over one of your air vents, and it’s apparent that air coming out is not as strong and continuous as it should be, you need to get heating repair in Bethany Beach, DE. You could have a problem with your heater’s belt or motor, and a technician would best address this.

Airflow Coming Out is Cool

Perhaps the most obvious sign that something isn’t right with your furnace is if the air it’s putting out isn’t hot. If this is going on, call an HVAC professional right away. This could be a pilot light or thermocouple problem that would be difficult for you to take care of without help from an experienced professional. You should have to suffer through a cold winter with an erratic or nonfunctioning heater. Get heating repair in Bethany Beach, DE, for your home and stay warm and toasty during the cold winter months. Visit website for more details.

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