Doing Bathroom Remodeling in Martinsburg WV To Accomodate Seniors

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Home Improvement


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When someone as senior member in their household, they may find that they have some difficulty in walking or getting around due to their age. To help make it easier for this family member to maneuver around the home, some additions and changes can be made to the structure. The bathroom is one room in the home where falls happen easily due to humidity and moisture in the area. To help an elderly person in the bathroom, consider doing some bathroom remodeling in Martinsburg WV to make it easier for them to get around with the risk of an injury.

It is important to have handrails placed in a bathroom to allow the elderly person to have a spot to guide them as they make their way to the tub, sink, or toilet. This will give them stability as they try walking through the area. It is a good idea to select rails in a contrasting color from the walls so they are seen easily.

Placing a walk in tub in the bathroom is a great change that will help the elderly person when they wish to bathe. These come equipped with a hinged door, allowing the person to walk into the porcelain tub without having to lift their legs in the process. This will minimize the risk of a fall in an area where moisture can contribute to slipping. Place rubber gripping tape along the bottom of the tub to help the person keep from sliding. This tape can also be placed on the backs of area rugs so they do not slide as well.

Consider having an intercom system placed in a bathroom as well. This will allow the family member to alert others in the household if they are in need of assistance in the bathroom.

If someone is interested in finding out ways to enhance their bathroom for a senior family member, they will want to hire a company that does Bathroom Remodeling in Martinsburg WV. Check out  today to browse their site or to get contact information to speak with someone from the company personally.

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