Exercising Employee Safety When Using Walk-In Freezers in Martinez

by | Jul 7, 2020 | Refrigeration


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For many businesses, walk-in freezers are an integral aspect of their operation. However, if the right precautions aren’t taken, your employees can be seriously hurt. Continue reading for ways to exercise employee safety when using walk-in freezers.

Maintain a Dry Environment

Slips and falls are common ways that employees get injured during the job. While using walk-in freezers in California, they can accidentally spill product on the floor. If the spill isn’t cleaned up immediately, another worker can lose their footing when entering the freezer. Also, frost that builds up in the freezer may result in puddles that can cause an injury. To prevent these incidents, hold your work team responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Also, create a schedule for them to regularly mop the floor so that water will not build up.

Review Your Safety Release

Some tasks take a lot longer than others. When it comes to counting inventory or cleaning the shelves, your staff would spend more time in the freezer and could get locked in. With a contemporary walk-in freezer from California, there should be a safety release that opens the door from the inside. This prevents your staff from hypothermia or death, so the release should be checked regularly. If you have an older cooler without this release, use a buddy method when accessing it and consider updating it to a freezer that is safer.

For more tips on creating safety procedures for your walk-in freezer, TKS Cold Storage MFG & Construction can help. Contact them today!

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