What To Expect When Working With Residential Fire Restoration Contractors In Rio Rancho

by | Jul 11, 2018 | Fire Restoration


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When fire ravages a home it will lead to a severe amount of smoke damage and may cause the structure to become unsafe. The process of rebuilding after a devastating accident is not an easy one, and many homeowners become overwhelmed. Residential Fire Restoration Contractors in Rio Rancho are standing by to offer help, and they will work with the victim’s fire insurance to restore their home and any belongings that become damaged as a result of the blaze.

Initial Property Evaluation

During the initial phase, a technician will inspect the property and determine if any structural elements have been compromised, as these issues may warrant hiring an engineer who will make suggestions on what repairs should be completed to stabilize the home. Next, they will survey the other areas of the property and create a plan to restore them to their former condition.

Demolition Stage

It may seem counter-intuitive, but in most cases, Residential Fire Restoration Contractors in Rio Rancho will need to demolish the damaged areas so they may rebuild it. Most will remove drywall and any flooring that was damaged, and they will also pull out any furniture or appliances that are covered in soot. Once all of the damaged components are removed, they will be able to determine if any other items require restoration and will adjust their initial quote accordingly.

Property Restoration

The last step is the most exciting, as it is when the rebuilding process begins, and a house will start to look normal. Plumbers and electricians will be contracted to complete any needed repairs, and then the walls will be reassembled. The team will then finalize the installation by installing new flooring and apply a fresh coat of paint before the final safety inspection.

If a fire has left a house uninhabitable and family feeling overwhelmed, it is time to reach out for help. Superior Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is a leading provider of fire restoration services and will help a family make sense of the rubble that is left behind. Visit Superiorcarpetcleaningnm.com to learn more about the services they provide and take the first step in restoring a home to normal.

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