Factors to Consider When Choosing Apartment Washing Services in Baltimore, MD

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Home Improvement


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More people are becoming eco-friendly in their choices of everything from cars to cleaning products. Companies are capitalizing on the trend, ensuring that their products and systems have a lesser environmental impact. Power washing is an area where a little eco-friendliness can go a long way. If a customer needs Apartment Washing Services in Baltimore MD, they should consider the factors listed below.

Cleaning Agents Used by the Company

When it is possible, the customer should choose a pressure washing company that chooses environmentally friendly cleaning products. This means that only biodegradable, non-toxic cleaners are combined with water during the power cleaning process. Customers should choose a local pressure washing service that uses cleaning products that are:
*      Biodegradable

*      Non-toxic

*      Recyclable

*      Approved by the EPA

*      Free of phosphates

*      Water based

Not all power washing services are created equal. When a customer needs apartment cleaning, they should choose a company like Mr. Clean Power Washing LLC that has a set of environmental best practices.


Hybrid or electric power washers are better for the environment than traditional gas-powered models, and customers should ensure that the company they choose has such equipment. Additionally, the customer should ensure that the company uses the hottest water possible on each job. Cleaning with steam is more productive and faster, and it uses fewer resources to get the job done.

Disposal of Waste Water

After a power cleaning, wastewater is full of chemicals, grease, oils, and dirt that can pollute water and clog drains. When a customer chooses Apartment Washing Services in Baltimore MD, they should learn about the area’s legal disposal rules and ensure that the company abides by them. If the wastewater cannot be responsibly dumped, a reliable power washing service vacuums it up and takes it to a disposal facility.


It is great if a local power washing company uses eco-friendly products and responsibly disposes of waste, but these qualities are irrelevant if workers are not trained properly. Ask the company if its employees are certified in pollution control and prevention, and ask about training in green cleaning methods that minimize environmental dangers and pollution.

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