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How To Choose Between Amsec Safes

Having a safe at home can help keep important documents and valuable property safe from fire, burglary and flooding, as long as you choose the right one. There are a few things that should be considered before choosing AMSEC Safes. Considered one of the better brands of safes on the market, they are an excellent choice for anyone.

Permanently Installed or Portable?

First, consider whether the safe should be portable or whether it will be bolted to the floor or installed inside the walls. This will affect the size of the safe. For example, a portable safe has to be small enough that all of the adults in the home can carry it, while one that is permanently installed may need to be a certain size to fit inside the walls or wherever it’s meant to be located.

Type of Protection

Next, consider what the safe should protect the valuables from. Some safes are meant for fire protection, while others are meant to protect valuables from burglars or flooding. Just because a safe is good for one of these doesn’t mean it will be good for the others. Check the fire rating as well as the cash rating, which is the rating that notes how well the safe can protect against burglars.

Necessary Size

It’s also important to figure out just what you plan to keep in the safe, as this will help narrow down the size of AMSEC Safes to consider. The most important items tend to be savings bonds, stock certificates, life insurance policies, cash and valuables, such as jewelry. Recent tax returns, estate planning documents and birth and death certificates also merit a place to keep them safe from fire or flooding. Choose a safe that is larger than necessary to store the current items, as this will take into account future needs for storage.

Type of Lock

Safes can lock using keys or combinations, but combination locks tend to be a better bet, as it’s easy to lose keys and it isn’t hard to store the safe’s combination in an off-site location in case you forget it.

Contact Able Lock Shop to find out more about the different safes or to get help changing the combination of a safe or getting into a safe for which the key or combination has been lost. You can also connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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