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Repainting A Wall That Contains Chipped Paint And Stains

If latex paint is chipping from a living room’s wall, loose paint can be removed by completing the project below. After sanding and cleaning a wall’s surface, a couple coats of paint can be applied to a wall to restore a wall’s appearance.


* vinyl drop cloths
* ladder
* paint chipper
* power sander
* fine grit sandpaper
* detergent
* bucket of warm water
* sponge
* painter’s tape
* can of latex paint
* wooden mixing stick
* tray
* paint roller
* handle and frame

Removing Chipped Paint, Sanding A Wall And Eliminating Dust And Stains

Vinyl drop cloths need to be laid across a floor to collect paint chips. The tip of a paint chipper can be moved over loose sections of paint to remove them from a wall. If a wall’s surface is not smooth, moving a power sander back and forth over uneven surfaces will be necessary. Sanding dust and stains that are on a wall can be eliminated by wiping a soapy sponge back and forth over them. A sponge that has been dampened with water needs to be moved over soapy residue to remove it. A wall needs to dry thoroughly.

Applying A Couple Coats Of Latex Paint

Before repainting a wall, pieces of painter’s tape should be secured over hardware, light fixtures and molding. Paint needs to be stirred if there are air bubbles in it. Paint can be poured into a shallow tray. A paint roller that has been evenly coated with paint should be moved across a wall in lines. More paint needs to be added to a roller as a wall is covered. After the first coat of paint has dried, a second coat can be applied over it. After the paint has had plenty of time to dry, a tape can be removed from items that are on a wall.

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