Review Different Material Options with a Roofer in Lisle, IL

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Roofing


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Roofing materials are constantly evolving, suggesting area homeowners should explore the available options before simply replacing an existing roof with similar products. At the same time, a Roofer in Lisle IL will discuss various installation strategies to minimize wind, hail, and ice damage. If you’re considering a new roof, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Not All Shingles Are the Same

While traditional three-tab shingles still tend to be common in the area, roofing professionals recommend looking at other options as well. Three-tab shingles are inexpensive and last for several years, but there are downsides to discuss. Less-expensive shingle options tend to experience more damage during severe weather. That means frequent repairs should be expected when entry-level shingles are selected.

Today, architectural shingles are rapidly replacing three-tab shingles in the Lisle area. While they cost more initially, architectural shingles resist hail and wind damage. They also tend to last several years longer, meaning that initial cost is quickly recouped. A Roofer in Lisle IL will gladly review the different types of shingles available and explain the pros and cons of each.

Don’t Forget About Flashing Issues

Leaks around flashing products can be problematic for homeowners. That’s why area roofing professionals encourage homeowners to make sure any contractor they talk to is using the best flashing products and installing them properly. Don’t be afraid to ask installers to explain flashing products and how they intend to install them to keep the potential for leaks to a minimum.

Ask About Ice and Water Shields

Ice dams are frequently seen in Illinois, and new products are available to keep the likelihood of ice and water damage to a minimum. Ask the contractor if they recommend roof leak barriers and what type of barrier they use. Name-brand products are readily available, and the majority of roofing experts now suggest homeowners demand ice and water barriers be used when new roofing is installed.

If your roof is showing signs of age or experiencing other issues, now is a great time to discuss replacement options with an area roofing professional. Get a free estimate today and learn more about the latest innovations in roofing.

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