Signs of a Roof Leak: When You Need Leak Repair Services in Concord MA

by | May 5, 2016 | Roofing Contractor


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When there is a leak in the home, it may not always be quite as obvious as most people imagine. If there is ever a doubt, it is always smart to contact a leak repair specialist who can provide top notch Leak Repair Services in Concord MA immediately. To make sure that your home doesn’t sustain major damage due to a leak, keep an eye out for any of the following signs of leaks within the home.

Check the Hot Water Heater
The pressure relief valve, found at the bottom of a hot water heater tank, should be checked periodically for leaks. While the leaks from this valve are rarely severe, they can be extremely costly over time. Often, the valve could be plumbed inside the drain and the leaking could be happening quietly. If possible, take the drain pipe off to look for any signs of water leaking. In cases where the drain pipe cannot be removed, listen carefully for a low hiss. This may indicate a slow and steady leak.

Check the Toilet
Toilet leaks in the home are quite common. They may be evident through water on the floor, but at times the water could be leaking quietly into other spots that are harder to see. Lift the lid of the toilet tank and listen carefully. Any hissing noise typically indicates some type of leak, and this should be attended to by professionals immediately.

Regular Roof Checks
Roof checks should be performed regularly, preferably once a year at a minimum. If a storm or another natural disaster has occurred in the area recently, it is wise to have the roof inspected for leaks again. The roof leaks may take some time to show themselves inside the home. Water spots on the ceiling or on the upper part of the walls usually indicate some kind of roof leak. A persistent smell in the house may be mold, which is indicative of a roof leak as well.

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