Tent Fumigation And Other Methods Used To Eliminate Termites

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Pest Control


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Termites can destroy wooden objects in a home and an infestation can become larger quickly if pests aren’t exterminated with the proper methods or supplies. The following tips will assist with eliminating termites and preventing new ones from entering a home.

Tent Fumigation

A professional exterminator may offer Tent Fumigation as a way to control a pest problem. With this procedure, a membrane that is made out of a material that resembles rubber is placed over a home. Pests are exposed to chemicals and cannot avoid breathing them in, since a membrane is sealed when it is installed. Tent fumigation is an effective method that is used to control a variety of pests. If termites are present in several rooms in a home, fumigation will eliminate all of them within a specific time frame.

Citrus Oil

Citrus spray contains a chemical that works as a natural pesticide. Termites and other pests that come into contact with citrus oil will not be able to breathe after a while. Citrus oil, however, will not pose a threat to people or pets. It emits a fresh scent and is often used to clean non-porous surfaces. Oil can be sprayed on wooden surfaces that are infested with termites on a regular basis until all of the pests have been eliminated. Spraying oil on wooden items in the future will deter pests from becoming a nuisance again.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is a derivative of boron. It does not emit an odor and is safe to use on a daily basis. A fine line of boric acid powder should be poured onto counters, floors or pieces of wooden furniture. When termites walk through boric acid powder, their exoskeletons will become damaged. If termites ingest granules, their internal organs will begin to fail. Boric acid may take several weeks to kill termites, but is capable of killing an entire colony of them.

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