The Distinct Advantages of Storm Doors in Novi MI

by | Sep 13, 2019 | Doors and Windows


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When someone buys a house in Michigan, commonly there will be storm doors on each of the exterior entry doors. Not every home has these, however, or there might be only one even though the house has two or three exterior doors. The new homeowner may wonder whether Storm Doors in Novi MI are necessary and if the advantages are worth having them installed.

The door is typically made of aluminum with glass and a screen that can be covered and uncovered. In this type of climate, there are several reasons for homeowners to want the installation of Storm Doors in Novi MI.

A Breeze Without Bugs

First, it’s unpleasant to leave the main door open with any screen because the humidity levels here in summer mean a large number of flying insects thrive. Without a screen, mosquitoes, June bugs, house flies, hornets and other bugs fly inside. Many people like having the main door open with the screen on the storm door allowing a breeze to flow in.

Energy Efficiency

On hot days, the main door can be kept closed to block the sun. In contrast, if sun shines on that side of the house in winter, the main door often can be kept open in the afternoon. Sun streams into the room through the glass of the storm door, providing natural light and warmth. In addition, that extra barrier against weather provides more energy efficiency.

Protection for the Main Doors

Storm doors also protect the main doors, which is especially important for doors made of wood. Wood is vulnerable to weather elements like rain, snow and ultraviolet light. The metal and glass provide direct protection so the wood has a longer lifespan. This is particularly a concern for doors that don’t have an overhang for protection against the elements or a roof extending well beyond the door.

The doors to a home are part of the building’s envelope, which include the walls, roof and windows protecting the interior from the exterior weather. Storm doors add extra support to that envelope for energy efficiency and other benefits. Contact Tarnow Doors to get started.

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