Things to Look at with Trees For Sale in Dallas

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Tree Services


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Value to a landscape design is added by incorporating trees. As these trees grow and mature, even more value is added. However, if the trees are not the right ones for the property, this value can be lost. These are a few things to look at when picking out a tree.

One of the things to look at with trees for sale in Dallas is the root spread. Some trees have a very narrow root spread. Instead, their roots go fairly deep. Some will have a wide spread. The amount of root spread should be determined by the average spread of a fully grown tree of the species. If the tree is going to be planted closer to the home, a narrow root spread needs to be considered.

Another item to look at the soil conditions required for the tree. For healthy growth, the tree needs to have all of its nutritional needs met by the soil. While nutrients can be added, the tree will grow best in locations where it is highly adaptable to. Ideally, the trees to look at should be a part of the local environment. If looking at trees typically grown in foreign locations, take the time to have the soil tested. This is so the proper nutrients can be added to ensure a successful planting.

The general health of the trees for sale in Dallas is another thing to look at. Look for healthy solid branches and new growth. Check the bark to make sure it is in good shape and has no obvious defects. Make sure no bugs are on the tree or indications of an infestation. Look at the leaves to make sure they are healthy and green. The root system should also be in good shape and ready for planting.

Trees are one of the most expensive plants to add to the landscape. Make the right investment by picking out trees which can succeed in the plan. This requires looking at the root spread, soil conditions and the general health. Get more information about which types of trees are best suited to your landscaping plans.

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