Three Reasons to Implement Internal Flooding Defense in Your Home

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Home Improvement


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Most homeowners are not prepared for a flood. Natural disasters such as flooding cost Americans over $20 billion dollars a year and the cost is expected to rise due to climate changes. There is a simple way to protect your home and prevent damages caused by flooding.

Here are three reasons to use Flood Avert as an internal flooding defense:

1. It can be installed easily and quickly.

You do not have to be an expert to set up a flood defense. Consumers can protect their homes in three easy steps.

  • Submerge flood bags in water for three minutes.
  • Install flood screen along the door using adhesives.
  • Secure the flood screen with flood bags.

2. The material is durable enough to keep masses amount of water from entering your home.

The flood protection tools are capable of covering cracks in doors or windows to prevent water from flowing in. It stays in place to provide the ultimate protection from threats such as heavy rainfall, storm surges, inland flooding, or hurricanes.

3. A variety of solutions are available for different residences based on risk.

The experts can assess the home to determine the best way to provide protection. This is important especially if the residence is located near a river or prone to coastal flooding.

Remember that federal flood maps could take years to update. Avoid costly damage and losing irreplaceable family heirlooms with internal flooding defense. It’s an investment worth having to preserve your property, protect your assets and provide a safe haven for your family. Call the experts today or visit Flood Avert for more information.

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