Top 4 Tips for Installing Windows

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Windows Installer


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Window installation can be a tricky task, especially when it comes to a brand-new home. If you’re a homeowner with a passion for DIY projects, there are several tips you should follow before trying to install a new window on your own. Window installation is rewarding, and can be done in a day as long as everything goes as planned.

Before starting your project, though, follow these top 4 tips for installing windows that can help streamline your crafting process.

1. Keep the Products the Same

You don’t want to mismatch your products when it comes to safe window installation. For example, you should only use the materials and products that match the same performance levels expected from the product description. Make sure that the products can withstand a good amount of water and natural wear and tear that you can expect from your windows.

2. Don’t Block Weep Holes

While you may be tempted to block every hole you see with wood filler or sealant, there are some that are necessary to remain open. Weep holes are required to help water drain properly, and if they are sealed, it could cause water to build up and potentially damage certain parts of your home.

3. Seal All Joints

You should use a sealant on all metal-to-metal joints. This helps keep them airtight and prevents against thermal transfer. It is also a great way to protect metal from becoming susceptible to rust, warping, or heat damage. Any end dams on sub-sills should be sealed as best as possible as well.

4. Don’t Misuse the Finished Window Opening

When the window opening is present, and before you’ve installed the glass, you may be tempted to transport products through the opening. You might want to hand some items to your family member through the window hole as an easy way to pass goods back and forth. However, this can cause a lot of dust and debris to build up inside the frame, which will damage the window before it’s even fully installed.

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