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Top Trends for Remodeling Contractors in Richmond, Virginia

Bathroom updates significantly boost the value of a home and improve the residents’ comfort and quality of life as well. This particular room now rivals the kitchen and dining room when it comes to the amount of time spent in a specific area of the home, and people are adjusting accordingly. Bathrooms have gone from strictly utilitarian to being extravagant features, and Remodeling Contractors in Richmond Virginia are finding certain trends to be unfolding.

Marble Makes the Cut

Marble was once reserved for society’s elite because they were the only ones who could afford it. Today, it’s showing up in homes of all types. In the bathroom, it has expanded well beyond countertops and floors to cover even walls. Though it’s still one of the more costly alternatives, there are ways around that particular roadblock. Some synthetic materials can now be made to resemble marble so closely only experts would be able to tell the difference.

Retro Bathtubs Are on the Rise

Until fairly recently, freestanding tubs were rarely seen outside historical sites and movies. Like so many items of the past, though, they’re making a comeback. While claw-foot models of ages long past are popular and widely available, other modern versions are also on the market. These gorgeous works of art can bring charm to virtually any bathroom style, and the value of a long, warm soak can’t be overlooked.

Lighting Brightens the Mood

No matter what types of decor and materials are used in a bathroom renovation, lighting has the power to bring the entire project together. It also makes a considerable difference in just how functional the room ultimately is. Adjustable lighting offers a great deal of versatility, and today’s decorative options have no trouble adding to the appearance and ambiance of the space.

Technology Takes the Throne

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the shower running and water temperature perfectly adjusted before even stepping into the bathroom? It’s not just a pipe dream these days. Technology and connectivity have brought any number of possibilities to life. From color-variant lighting to self-cleaning toilets and beyond, Remodeling Contractors in Richmond Virginia can make it happen.

Some trends come and go while others hold steady over time. Bathrooms are now combining the best of modern-day life and classic couture. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, let The Carpentry & Painting Experts help bring your visions to life.

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