Types of Bathroom Fixtures in West Palm Beach

by | Aug 3, 2023 | Home Improvement


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Procurement of a particular shower fixture is driven by two motives: style and function. When someone finds a single element that adds both of the two qualities, the bathroom space acquires a lavish and stylish look: one that depicts one’s personality and can be appreciated by both family and friends. Nonetheless, some Bathroom Fixtures in West Palm Beach are a must-have, for routine daily grooming, while some just add a pang of coziness to the place. The following are types of fixtures synonymous to the bathroom.


Shower-heads are classified into three broad categories. Some of them have additional elements that allow the user to select the spray pattern that suits their taste. These classes include:

Single-head shower sprays: These are the typical bulbous nozzles that can be adjusted. Mostly, they have several individual nozzles meant to alter the pattern of spray.

Rain showers: Are large flat showerheads suspended directly atop the user to create a rainy effect.

Double and Multiple showerheads: These feature two or more showerheads; all regulated from a single set of handles. Generally, double and multiple heads are mounted on the wall flanked by one handheld counterpart on each side.


Although basic in design, these Bathroom Fixtures in West Palm Beach come in an array of designs and finishes. The technology and design employed in their manufacture are rapidly changing, and nowadays, it isn’t uncommon to find faucets that are illuminated, non-touch and ones that have a waterfall effect. Faucets fall under four categories due to their mixed models: ball faucets, compression faucets, disc and washerless faucets.

Towel Beam

A towel bar in the bathroom is important. It doesn’t have to have a reserved look, but one can choose to buy a stylish beam from the various types that exist in consumer markets. Other shapes and styles take away the cliche of having the standard bar. Circular beams made of polished nickel is an unusual, yet lush fixture.

Robe Hook

A rob hook is a relatively small bathroom fixture but typically installed for convenience purposes. It is used to hold the bath robe, instead of throwing it aimlessly at the towel bar, or on the toilet.

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