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Understanding Building Permit Requirements for a Variety of Pergolas

Pergolas are structures that cover patios or parts of a yard. They have slats on top with open spaces, providing a mix of sunshine and shade. Companies that sell a broad range of pergolas appeal to a larger number of customers than suppliers with more limited options. Property owners obviously all have their own preferences in regard to these home improvement features. Some look for vinyl products, for example, while others want to see traditional wooden pergolas on sale.

Examples of Options

A certain percentage of customers want a do-it-yourself kit with instructions and all the materials. Others would like a structure to be custom-built for their landscaping. Another option might be an artisan model with a more rustic appearance than typically seen. These models tend to be larger than the more commonly seen products.

Building Permit Requirements

Before buying a kit for wooden pergolas on sale or scheduling the construction of one, property owners should learn whether a building permit is required. These requirements vary by municipality and township.

A building permit will be required if the pergola alters the home’s basic structure in any way. An example is if the feature will be attached to the building. Homeowners planning on a freestanding model usually do not need a permit, but they should check with the appropriate governmental department anyway. The lack of a required permit for a home improvement project can lead to a hefty fine if a government representative learns about this.

Anyone interested in having these features added to the landscaping may begin with the website

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