Using Kitchen Drawer Hardware to Update a Kitchen

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Home Remodel


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For those who wish to change the look of their kitchen, but have a very limited budget to do so, a great way to start is by replacing the Kitchen Drawer Hardware. As simple as it may seem, replacing the little details of the kitchen can make all the difference.

Drawer hardware comes in a variety of styles, making a once plain and simple look, come to life.

Types of Drawer Hardware

There are a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles of hardware for drawers. However, to simplify things, the hardware can be broken down into 2 types. These types are referred to as Decor Hardware, which includes knobs, and pulls/handles, and Mechanical Hardware, commonly known as drawer slides.

Decor Hardware

  • Drawer Knobs. This is the most basic and simple hardware that can be installed. They are installed by using only one screw for attachment. Knobs are made in a variety of materials ranging from wood to stainless steel and a plethora of other metals. They also come in a more elegant approach, crystal knobs. They come in many different styles. The styles may include, traditional, rustic and contemporary.
  • Drawer Pulls/Handles. Unlike the simplicity of knobs, pulls and handles are installed using two screws. This is important for making sure the handle is center on the drawer as to not complicate opening and closing. Pulls and handles are typically chosen based on a common design aspect.

Mechanical Hardware

  • Drawer Slides. Drawer slides are small pieces of hardware that control the motion during the opening and closing of the drawer. They come in 3 different materials, wooden slides, side mounted ball bearing slides and self-closing under mount slides. These are great for replacing older drawers that may not slide as easily or quietly.

Choosing Hardware

When purchasing the type of hardware that will be most beneficial for the kitchen, it is important to take an assessment of all the drawers that are within the kitchen. Another great idea to consider is, changing the cabinet look as well. This can include matching the decor hardware and a simple paint job.

For more information on the different styles of Kitchen Drawer Hardware, or for more tips on how to change the overall look and feel of the room while still remaining within budget, visit You can follow them on Instagram.

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