What Happens When a Wood Flooring Refinishing in New York City is Completed?

by | May 4, 2016 | Wood Products


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When the living room carpeting was pulled up, the owner was in for a pleasant surprise. Hidden under the padding was a beautiful hardwood floor. While it needed some work, the process of Wood Flooring Refinishing in New York City did not take long. Now that the work is done, the homeowner can reap the benefits of this new look. Here are some examples.

Easy to Clean

Part of the Wood Flooring Refinishing in New York City included the application of a sealing agent. Thanks to the quality of the work, all it takes to keep the floor looking great is a quick round with the dust mop. That’s much easier than dragging out the vacuum cleaner every couple of days, crawling around a table to plug it in, and then emptying the bag once the job is done. In a matter of minutes, it’s possible to go over the floors with the dust mop and have the floor looking fresh again.

Even if some type of spill takes place, cleaning up the mess is not difficult. A dry cloth can be used to get up the liquid. To ensure the spill is completely gone, a light application of a cleaning agent formulated for hardwood floors is used to go over the area. In no time at all, all evidence of the spill is removed.

Changing the Look of the Room

Even neutral carpeting tends to limit what the homeowner can do in terms of changing the look of the space each season. With a hardwood floor, it’s easy to update the look by changing out the window treatment, using slipcovers on the furniture, and changing out the area rugs. For people who love to use seasonal colors, the flooring provides the perfect setting.

For any homeowner who has the fortune of finding hardwood flooring hidden under carpeting, contact the team at New York Wood Flooring today and look into options for refinishing those surfaces. Once the work is done and the owner sees what an asset the flooring is to the appearance of the home, there will never be the temptation to install wall to wall carpeting again.

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