A Professional Painting Company Can Have A Staining Service

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Painting Services


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Many homes in the Kent area have painted areas on the exterior and the interior. Paint is a wonderful finish that can give a home’s surfaces character and protection. But, paint does not last forever. It becomes soiled, stained, and damaged with time and needs to be reapplied. Some homeowners are happy to paint their own homes and do a good job. Others are not do-it-yourself type people and would rather hire someone to repaint their homes. Still others, because of age, illness, or disability, are not able to paint their own homes and need a good painting service to do the job.

Getting a room or a whole house painted can improve the livability and market value of a home. Paint and labor prices keep going up, so repainting a home represents a large investment. Since painters charge similar amounts for the same work, the homeowner should use the best painter available. A painter with good recommendations and ratings such as website will be a better choice to do the painting job. A full-service painting company that can repair sheetrock and other surfaces before painting is a good choice. Some home areas that may need painting are walls, ceilings, trim, doors, windows, siding, and decks. Many homes have wood trim that needs to be stained and finished. Painting companies chosen to paint these homes should have a Staining Service for that wood trim.

The customer should expect the painters to remove furniture from interior rooms to be painted or group it in the center of the room with tarps over it for protection. All floors should be protected with tarps. Areas not to be painted, such as stained trim and ceilings, should be taped off before painting starts. The homeowner should be able to pick the paint colors and be assured that those exact colors will be used. Any color mistakes should be the painting company’s responsibility. If the homeowner chooses the wrong color and wants it changed, that is their liability. The painting itself should be neatly done with good coverage. The company should offer a Staining Service for millwork not to be painted. When well-done, a new paint job can make a home look new again and increase its value. For more information on house painting, go to the website.

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