Benefits Of Granite Counters In Seattle, WA

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Home Improvement


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When a person builds a home or is remodeling their home, they need to make many decisions regarding the design and the materials they are going to use. One important decision is the material they are going to use for their countertops. Of the materials available, granite counters in Seattle, WA have the most benefits.

High-End Look

Of all the countertop materials available, granite is one of the only ones that will give the kitchen a high-end look. Granite is shiny and more elegant than other materials. If a homeowner were to decide to sell their home one day, the granite countertops can sell the house for them.

Very Durable

Many people believe granite countertops are delicate and can be scratched and cracked easily. This is not true. Granite countertops are specially sealed to prevent nicks and scratches. Granite is actually more durable than wood, tile, marble, and composite countertops.

Fewer Bacteria and Dirt Buildup

Granite is a sleek surface that has no pores. This means that, when a person is cooking, they don’t need to worry about salmonella and e-Coli getting deep into the countertop. If someone spills sauce on the countertop, it will wipe off easily.

Heat Resistant

When a person takes a hot dish out of the oven, they will often put down an oven mitt first to keep the countertop from burning. This is not necessary with granite countertops. Because they are impervious to heat and cold, the countertop will not be damaged if a hot pan is put right down on it. Most other materials don’t have this quality.

Repairable Stone

If something happens to the granite countertop and it needs to be repaired, this can be done very easily. The homeowner can either have a section of the countertop repaired or replace the entire thing for a relatively low price.

Family Friendly

Granite countertops may look delicate, but they are stronger than most people think. If a small child throws a cup or a toy on the countertop, it won’t do any damage. If a homeowner is looking for the most family-friendly material for their countertops, granite is on the top of the list.

Not only are granite counters in Seattle, WA beautiful, they are also durable and long lasting. For more information on the styles and colors available, visit the website.

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