Choose from These 3 Unique Wood Ceiling Panels for Your Buildings

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Home Improvement


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Wood ceiling panels can be a great way to give your building a special look that makes it stand out from others. You should look into the benefits of specific kinds of wood panels so that you know you are purchasing the right ones for your building. Consider these three types of ceiling panels, which are all built for different reasons.


Aluratone panels are known for being unique as they are made with acoustics in mind. This means you’ll want these panels if you’re constructing a building that is meant to be used as an acoustic music performance space, such as a school, church, or anywhere where you imagine a concert will take place. Purchase Aluratone panels when you are interested in making your building better for sound.


When you are working with an architect, you’re going to need to find the right materials for them to work with. Veneer panels are recommended as they can be made flat or curved and can have many different finishes sprayed on to them so that you can have a unique ceiling once an architect is done. Talk to an architect if you think veneer panels would be the best thing to implement into your building.

Panel Grilles

You may not be working with an architect but you could still have a unique look in mind. Panel grilles are known for creating a unique look in that they have openings between small sections of the panels that make it look like they are blinds. Panel grilles are also available in many unique varieties, depending on how thick you want each section of the panel to be, as well as in several unique finishes. Consider panel grilles when you want unique wood ceiling panels for your building in order to show off your creative side.

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