Garage Door Repair in Northbrook Can Prevent Serious Injuries From Failure of the Door to Operate Properly

by | Mar 15, 2024 | Garage Doors


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The garage door is the heaviest moving part of the home and it is one of the most neglected parts. Most homeowners believe that if the garage door works it must be okay. Even unusual noises will be ignored. Homeowners never consider having an experienced and highly qualified technician look at the garage door and its operating mechanism.

This kind of inspection conducted by garage door repair in Northbrook can discover the problems which cause injuries and even death every year. Some problems cause the door to fall off of its tracks and onto the garage floor killing anyone who is underneath it. The technician will also check for the track alignment among other potential problems.

The garage door works as an integrated system with nearly every part dependent upon the other part. When one part fails, it could cause a problem with another part of the door mechanism. If the torsion spring fails, then the entire door will become inoperable and dangerous. Replacing the torsion spring is not a project for the untrained person to take on. It can be deadly because of the tension contained in this part. The bottom brackets on either side of the tracks hold a spring cable which raise the garage door and they are controlled by the torsion spring. These brackets are just as dangerous and they should be handled by an experienced technician.

Lubricating parts with a product made for garage doors is essential. The parts which need lubricating will be identified by the technician who does the inspecting. The chain drive on the opener should also be lubricated.

An important task for the technician is identifying those parts which appear to be heading toward failure. Repairing these now can save you time, money and prevent injuries. A garage door which is several years old and has not been inspected will have parts which are worn and need to be replaced.

A common problem is someone hitting the garage door with their car. All kinds of damage can happen to the door and the operating mechanism. Garage door repair in Northbrook can take the damaged door and repair it so that no one would ever know it was damaged. They can also repair any damaged mechanisms. For more information on this process and other repairs visit Robert’s Garage Door Professionals of Chicago’s website.

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