Need Residential Window Repair in O’Fallon, MO?

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Windows


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Before buying new windows, many people want to know whether Residential Window Repair in O’Fallon MO is a better (and cheaper) option. Sometimes, the existing windows can be repaired or made more energy efficient, but there are other times when a whole new window really is necessary.

In cases of rot and other issues like jammed sashes, a repair may be possible. Only a professional inspection will determine whether the damage has gone too far. If water has already penetrated the area next to the frame, rot is likely to set in soon if repairs are not done. Sometimes jammed sashes don’t require anything more than a quick adjustment to make them slide better. If there is obvious condensation between glass layers, at least part of the window generally needs replacement. The glass may be saved, but the sash might need replacement.

One of the main complaints people have about their older windows is that they simply are not energy efficient. There are ways to combat this, at least to some degree. The windows can be caulked and weather-stripped, both of which can greatly lower the number of drafts that make it into the home (and allow air to escape from the home). It is generally best to have professionals do caulking and weather stripping, as it needs to be done in a very specific way. First, it should only be done when there is very low humidity and the temperature is at least 45 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Weather stripping should be placed only on a completely clean and dry base, and it needs to be applied very precisely to allow the windows to open and close properly.

For people who are dealing with older windows that are painted closed, the fix may be a delicate one. The paint needs to be removed without causing any damage to the glass or the frame, so a professional’s help is generally needed. Sometimes, windows of this type may need new frames, especially if they are older. Need Residential Window Repair in O’Fallon MO? Call the professionals at A M Richards Glass Co Inc today to learn more.

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