These Reasons Explain Why Granite Is Such a Good Choice to Build With

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Home Remodel


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Granite is a type of igneous rock, meaning it formed directly from lava or magma once it cooled down and solidified. The type of rock is known for its grains of feldspar, mica, quartz, and other minerals, as well as its reddish, pinkish, grayish, or white color coupled with dark grains throughout the rock. Granite is a popular building material, although it’s expensive. Here are some reasons why people like to have granite in their homes.

Granite Lasts a Long Time

While granite is prone to damage in its raw form, it’s good to go after you apply an outer coating of sealant or two on a granite slab. Make sure to renew your granite pieces’ coats of sealant every few years to extend the life of your granite countertops in Naperville, IL.

There Are Tons of Colors to Choose From

Unlike many types of rocks, granite can have a wildly different composition from sample to sample. Therefore, building material stores have quite a few styles of granite that you can choose from to best fit your home’s interior. With granite, you should always be able to find a color that matches your home decor or coordinates well with it.

This Material Is a Timeless Classic

Many building materials don’t last that long or simply go out of style in a decade or two. Fortunately, granite countertops in Naperville have always been in style and will almost certainly always be in style. This will help your home carry value going forward should you need to sell it or borrow against it. Granite also will make your home value go up quite a bit.

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