Types Of Landscape Lighting Available At A Landscape Lighting Supply Store

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Landscaping


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There are a few good reasons to add landscape lighting to your property, such as security, enhancing the home’s architecture and landscape features, and functionality. Security is provided by adding lighting, properly placed lighting accentuates an ornamental tree or facade of the home, and outdoor lighting enables homeowners to enjoy their outdoor spaces after dark. Attractive landscape lighting, provided by FGM Landscaping & Brick Pavers, is a simple solution to these concerns.

Landscape lighting provided by a Landscape Lighting Supply professional is available in four types: Low voltage, line voltage, LED, and solar. Preference depends on factors such as budget, area needing coverage, and the reason for lighting.

  • Low Voltage -; There is a common misbelief that low voltage produces low levels of brightness, but this is not accurate. The halogen bulbs emit true white light, which equals the brightness of an incandescent bulb. These systems are very energy-efficient, easy for the DIY installer as no trenching is needed, the fixtures are easy to add or move, and no risk of electrocution.
  • Line Voltage -; This type accommodates the use of different bulbs like fluorescent, incandescent, mercury vapor (blue moonlight look), sodium (orange), and very bright metal halide. It must also be installed by a professional and is pricier due to the trenching required to bury the conduit, the higher priced bulbs, and higher energy costs.
  • LED -; An increasingly popular form of illumination due to its high energy efficiency and long lifespan. Unfortunately, they emit a very narrow, spot-like form of illumination, so have limited application in landscape lighting. That being said, their niche is providing direct illumination for house address numbers, making homes easy for first responders to locate.
  • Solar -; Obvious benefits of solar lighting is a free energy source and inexpensive to purchase. Solar lights are short-lived and don’t produce enough illumination to provide effective landscape lighting. A landscape lighting professional does not include solar lights in their product offerings.

Landscape lighting products offered by a Landscape Lighting Supply source, span the options of DIY installations like low voltage lights up through line voltage choices capable of illuminating acres of property. In most applications, low voltage products are the appropriate option for home use, due to their illumination capability, moderate cost, ease of installation, and energy efficiency. Landscape lighting adds the final touch to your home’s appearance while providing safety, security, and functionality. Visit our website to find out more about the services offered by this company. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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