What Is uPVC Double Glazing And Why You Need It

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Window Installation Service


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If you’re like many, you’ve heard of uPVC but may not understand much about it. It is a commonly used material for constructing doors and windows, favoured because it is low maintenance, offers excellent insulation, and looks modern with a clean aesthetic. It is primarily easier to maintain than wood or metal and can provide more security with a variety of décor designs. When you combine it with double glazing (meaning that you have two panes of glass with space in between), you’ve got the best of both worlds, all of which can be found at Weatherall Windows.

Choices And Variety

Whether you’re hoping for sash or casement windows, you can find it all with uPVC double glazing. Traditionally, double glazing is designed for windows only because they’re smaller and require less glass. However, you’ve still got a wide variety of colours, textures, and styles from which to choose.


You’ll find that these options make your window stronger and more durable. Likewise, they don’t require a lot of maintenance and can handle the elements, including wind and rain. uPVC double glazing ensures that the material doesn’t rot, fade, or rust like wood or aluminium.

Energy Efficient

You can make your home more energy-efficient when you choose such a product. Because there is another pane on the outside and vacuum-sealed space between, heat won’t be lost from the windows nor will the air conditioned air. Likewise, noise can also be reduced, as well.


Even though there are so many benefits to uPVC double glazing, it is still cheaper to make than timber and metal products, making them more of a cost-effective solution for the budget-friendly homeowner.


Even though people rarely think about it, the materials used for windows with uPVC double glazing can be recycled by reshaping it at extremely high temperatures, which means your panes of glass don’t go to the landfill.

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