What to Consider When Buying Patio Doors in Washington DC

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Home Improvement


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There comes a time when homeowners need to consider making some upgrades to their homes. Maybe there’s damage, years of wear and tear, or maybe things no longer look as great as they once did. Updating a home’s patio doors is a simple yet impactful upgrade that homeowners can do without too much trouble. However, residents looking to buy new patio doors in Washington DC should consider a few things before making a purchase.

The Space

Sliding doors are fairly standard for homes, and many people tend to set up the space around the doors without worrying about how much room is available for the opening. Replacing the old doors with something new means that things may need to change. If switching to outswing or inswing hinged doors, make sure that the space around the doors can accommodate them without causing damage.

The Material

The material of a patio door is important, as it needs to be hardy enough to handle the elements. While the weather in Washington DC isn’t horrendous, it doesn’t mean that your new patio doors won’t be exposed to a variety of environmental challenges. Vinyl is always a good choice, as it’s highly durable and easy to maintain. If choosing wood, consider one with the appropriate sealant or that’s aluminum clad for added protection.

The Style

There are multiple styles that homeowners can choose for their patio doors in Washington DC. The classic sliding door is rather common and works for those hoping to conserve space, while French-style doors that swing open have remained consistently popular for their aesthetic appeal. Choosing a style is often the biggest part of buying a patio door and the easiest way to do so is simply looking at the style of the rest of the house to see if it will fit. Click here to see what options are available in your area and find the perfect patio door for your home.

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