2 Types Of Marine Canvases To Use As A Sunshade And The Experts In Seattle Who Can Help Protect Your Sunshade

by | Feb 4, 2020 | home decor


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Year after year, you and your family head down to the marina to spend some quality time while having fun under the sun. Each year, your family anticipates getting on the boat to have a good time. However, every year the same thing happens, sunburn. No matter how much sunscreen is used, sunburn always happens. So, this year you are installing a marine fabric protector to help prevent sunburns from happening. Today, we will talk about 2 types of marine canvases to use as a sunshade.

Bimini Tops

Bimini tops are open-front sunshades that are supported by a metal frame. It can be used to cover several portions of the boat including the cockpit. Bimini tops offer flexibility and versatility, as you can remove them with ease for any occasion.


Spray-hoods or boat dodgers are similar to bimini tops in that they are also supported by a metal frame. The difference between the two is that spray-hoods utilize both clear vinyl windows and fabric to protect you from the elements. This means if windy rain happens while on your trip, you can still safely drive the boat without being exposed to the elements. This type of sunshade also offers flexibility and versatility as it can cover the entire length of your boat and can also be put away with ease.

Protect Your Sunshade

Whichever type of marine canvas you will be utilizing as a sunshade it is important to also protect it. Protect your sunshade by using a marine fabric protector to protect against UV rays, stains, and more. You are now probably looking for the best marine fabric protector for your sunshade. Contact the experts at fpmafi.com. They offer a high-tech solution using nanotechnology to help protect your sunshade from fading, stains, and more. So when looking for the experts to help you protect your investment, they are the ones to call. Call or visit Fiber Protector by Mafi them at Website Url today.

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