Why Repair a Garage Door Opener

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Garage Doors


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Garage door openers are easily one of the most underrated inventions of all time. Anyone who’s ever used one can attest, if they were to consider their life when having to lift up the heavy door manually every time they wanted in or out of their garage. These machines are quite sophisticated, though unfortunately, they can break down. They’re dealing with a lot of weight and many problems can pop up.

Though it’s always a wiser move to go repair instead of replacement. Especially if one lives in the area, their garage door opener repair in Lancaster County can end up saving them a lot. Here are some reasons to go the repair route.

A Quicker Fix

It’s a much quicker fix. One may think it’s easier to just a pop a new opener on, but one has to consider the tracks and the brackets and connections. With a faulty existing opener, the issues are quickly solved by competent experts in the area who can slip in and out in a few hours, repairing the opener as good as new.

Already Calibrated

As mentioned above, there are the tracks and the previous installation to deal with. A new opener might not fit and work the same. The existing opener is already calibrated to the weight, the tracks, and every other aspect, and it has proven to work. Keep the existing opener by going with a garage door opener repair in Lancaster County.

Save Money

A fix is just a lot cheaper than a replacement, and it’s not even close. It’s not even in the same ballpark. Today’s new opener assemblies cost exponentially more than a repair to the existing machine. It’s just not financially feasible to go with a new opener.

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