3 Reasons to Install a Poured Floor Covering in NY Homes

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Flooring


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In recent years, a unique home decorating trend has emerged in New York, and it is one that was inspired by industry. It is called industrial chic, and it borrows from old factories, warehouses, and industrial areas. The trend is especially popular in remodeled lofts. In many cases, the Floor Covering in NY remodeled spaces is an epoxy or resin that is added by contractors such as Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation. Known as poured flooring, the material is available in dozens of styles, is simple to maintain, and often costs less than other materials.

Poured Flooring Offers Unique Style

Although actual poured Floor Covering in NY industrial buildings is usually a serviceable color like gray, contractors can provide many choices. Materials are available in patterns and stripes as well as a rainbow of colors. Customers can also choose a classic Terrazzo look or opt for custom flooring. Flooring technicians can incorporate any design, including a photo. Completed floors are smooth, seamless, and glossy. They have become so trendy that many clients living in traditional homes are choosing poured flooring to create interest and style.

Floors Are Easy to Keep Clean

Many homeowners also choose poured flooring for the same reasons that businesses have been using the materials for decades. Floors are non-porous, making them more sanitary than other materials, and do not trap pollutants. It is easy to keep surfaces clean and sanitary with just mopping. Flooring is also resistant to harsh chemicals and impacts, so it is ideal for heavily trafficked areas.

New Poured Floors Are Affordable

Customers often choose poured flooring because it is a good investment. The initial cost to add flooring is far lower than many other materials. Homeowners do not need to spend much money maintaining surfaces. Even if they are damaged or dinged, floors can be re-coated to restore their beauty. They last for years, so owners can redecorate over and over without having to replace flooring.

Homeowners who are fans of the industrial chic decorating style often install poured flooring. Poured flooring is available in a huge variety of colors, patterns, and styles. The beautiful, finished floors are durable and easy to maintain. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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