5 Things Roofing Contractors in Orland Park Wish Customers Knew

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Roofing


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Whether a person owns one home or several investment properties, choosing a roofer can be difficult. When a home needs roof repair or replacement, the process involves everything from understanding the roofer’s technical jargon to evaluating multiple proposals. To simplify the process, below are five things roofing contractors wish customers knew.

Price vs. Value: There IS a Difference

Many use the terms ‘price’ and ‘value’ interchangeably, but there are substantial differences. Customers should understand that no matter how big the job is, they can always get it done for less. Roofing is not a commodity, and customers should not base decisions solely on price. Homeowners should look for experienced, knowledgeable contractors with Website, who provide good references, superior services, and competitive pricing.

Routine Maintenance is Important

If a homeowner is proactive, they can extend the life of the roof, and they can conserve financial resources. Roofers often have to replace roofs that have worn prematurely because they are improperly maintained. Scheduled maintenance can prevent the need for repair or replacement, and customers should look for Roofing Contractors in Orland Park who can provide yearly inspection and upkeep.

Understand When Replacement is Necessary

As beneficial as a roofer’s services can be, building and homeowners should understand when a roof is beyond repair. Some roofs cannot be saved, and repairs do not always provide a lasting value. Do not turn a roof into a losing proposition; work with the contractor to determine when replacement is due, and budgeting will be easier.

Find a Reputable Local Contractor

Homeowners and landlords should ensure the contractor they choose has the proper licenses, sufficient insurance, and that they do most of the roofing work. A company who exclusively uses subcontractors may not have enough insurance or the right state licenses. This can be a huge liability for the homeowner, and customers should ask for proof of coverage.

Look for Contractors Who Belong to Professional Associations

Customers should not underestimate the value of a contractor who belongs to professional associations such as the NRCA. Members of the National Roofing Contractors Association are up to date on technical issues and code changes, and they know which practices keep customers happy. The NRCA offers Roofing Contractors in Orland Park the resources necessary to make good business decisions.

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