Advantages of Pest Management in Anne Arundel

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Pest Control


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Although formal education after high school is generally not necessary to become skilled in Pest Management in Anne Arundel, people should want to learn each aspect of pest control. Most companies offer a combination of classroom and on-the-job training for new technicians, and trainees may also be required to study on their own. Pest control technicians must have strong observation skills. Signs of pest infestation sometimes difficult to detect, which means that every technician must be able to detect a possible pest problem. They should also be able to identify areas where an infestation is not present but would be an opportunity for pests to grow in the future.

Pest control technicians must have basic math skills, which are required to calculate estimates and prepare work orders. They must have the ability to work with various tools and equipment. Technicians must make arrangements to have everything they need to successfully complete each task as well. Pest control consultants advise people of possible pest problems, like farmers. Pest Management in Anne Arundel will recommend products and techniques used for pest control and fertilization practices, irrigation, cultivation, and harvesting.

To be eligible for licensure, a higher or lower degree in agricultural science, pest management, or a similar major is required. Alternatively, the applicant may have a Ph.D. or could complete a combination of work experience and college science courses. The candidate must pass the general APC tests too. APC testing covers a variety of subjects including insects, plant pathogens, nematodes, parasites, weeds, defoliation vertebrates and plant growth regulators. This allows the person to pursue a variety of jobs. Farmers produce over 250 different crops and, with the huge sector of agriculture growing daily, pest control advisors are there to provide recommendations to ensure the best agricultural production possible. Pest control consultants are hired by large farms and serve as consultants for small operations.

Pest control consultants can also work for cemeteries, golf courses, parks, forestry companies, nurseries and road construction companies. They use a variety of technologies to provide recommendations for turf, landscape, road, and tree management. Anti-parasitic advisers make recommendations for controlling pests such as blackbirds and coyotes, as well as insects and other invertebrates. Visit us to learn more.

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