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Are You Looking For An Experienced Company To Perform Roof Coating In Tucson

Roof Coating Tucson is very important for the integrity of any flat roof. Flat roofs offer the opportunity for water to pond. The intense sun can also cause cracking and peeling on the flat roof. Although the roof is called a flat roof, they usually have a slight slope so the water can move towards the drain. The roof may also drain towards the roof edge in order to drain from the roof. A roof that does not have the correct pitch will result in ponding of water on the roof. A small pool of water can severely damage a roof and the coating.

Standing water on a flat roof will eat away at a roof and the water will leak into a home causing structural damage. When water is seen on a roof, it will usually remain there for at least 72 hours. The best way to prevent this type incident is to have the roof checked at least once a year by an experienced roofer. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away. The problem will become worse and cost more money. One way to protect a flat roof is to have Roof Coating In Tucson performed at the first sign of wear, peeling or signs of water ponding on the roof.

Roof coatings can be performed in an affordable fashion and secure the home from damage. Another terrific benefit of roof coatings is the reflective properties they offer. A white recoating offers at 95% reflectiveness. A tan recoating offers a moderate reflectiveness of 65%. A gray recoating only offers a 60% reflectiveness. This will help to save on energy costs inside of the home. Although the gray coating will only give a 60% reflectiveness, this color coating will last 5-7 years while the other two colors will only last 3-4 years before needing to be done again.

Many homes in the area are part of a homeowner’s association. It’s important to check any of the regulations that are required for roof recoating in the neighborhood. Many homeowner associations want all of the roofs to be the same color for curb appeal. Ralph Hays Roofing will offer affordable and practical roofing solutions for new roofs or existing roofs. For more information, please feel free to Click here.

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