How to Choose Faucets in Hackensack, NJ

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Plumbing


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Planning a bathroom remodel can be fun, but it can also be quite overwhelming. To create a well-integrated design, sufficient attention must be devoted to every detail, including fixtures such as faucets. This article is designed to address the best practices for choosing these seemingly minor, but both practically and aesthetically important, fixtures.

There are four design elements that should be taken into consideration when choosing faucets. It’s important to keep in mind that they don’t just have to match the rest of the decor but also have to meet a number of functional needs. Read on to find out how to choose Faucets in Hackensack NJ that are both functional and fashionable.

Choosing a Configuration

Faucet configuration has to do with how the fixtures are mounted. They can be either wall mounted or sink mounted and can be either center-set or widespread. For sink-mounted faucets, it’s important to take into account the size and location of the holes the faucet will fit into.

Center-set faucets usually combine the spout and handle, or handles, in one unit. This is ideal for smaller bathrooms. Widespread faucets, on the other hand, require an independent handle for hot and cold water and require a sink with three holes.

Valve Type

A faucet’s valve controls the flow of water. How well the faucet works depends on what type of technology is used. There are four different types of valves used in bathroom faucets: ball, cartridge, compression, and ceramic disk.

Compression valves typically require the most maintenance. In comparison, ball valves and cartridge valves tend to last slightly longer. Ceramic disc valves are the most durable, which helps to explain why they are also often the most expensive.

Faucet Finish

Finish describes the surface treatment on any exterior parts of the faucet. Choosing a finish is primarily a matter of personal taste, although some finishes do last longer than others.

Faucet Style

There are many popular designs for Faucets in Hackensack NJ. Homeowners should consider practical concerns like the shape and reach of a faucet’s spout, how much space there is in the sink, and choose a fixture that fits the decor of the room. Visit for more advice and information.

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