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Commercial Renovation Services in Reno

It is getting more and more difficult to attract people into physical retail stores, insurance agencies, shopping malls, and even grocery stores. Many people are purchasing what they need and want on the internet. The process is convenient, cost-effective, and easier to fit into hectic schedules than stopping at stores on the way home.

How to Compete

One way to recapture attention and entice new customers is exploring Renovation Services in Reno. Giving the physical location an innovative new look will renew interest. Locals will enter out of curiosity and rediscover what the location has to offer. A glass storefront, decorative panels, or a mirrored wall section will allow the business to stand out from other buildings in the area.

Showcasing featured products within the store is another way to keep people coming through the doors. Clear glass shelving can be installed at various heights to create the illusion of merchandise floating in the air. Display cases can be lighted, mirrored in the back to highlight jewelry or collectibles, or built in to the entrance to draw attention to new products.

Colorful curtain walls can be used to direct shoppers to the back or corners of the store. Skylights can be added to the ceiling to let in more natural light. Place a giant aquarium in the center of the mall to attract people to the food court. A glass handrail system on the escalators or a glass elevator to the second story will open up the space and make the mall appear less crowded.

Safety Renovations

There are many Renovation Services in Reno that are focused on increasing safety. Internal partitions of textured or colored glass can ensure privacy and confidentiality of customers and clients within the building. An entryway made of bullet resistant glass offers a welcoming looking lobby with extra protection for people in the building.

Fire rated glass and doors are ideal for research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and assisted living facilities. That will also reduce liability risks for the business owner. Design assistance, project management for large scale projects, and custom solutions are offered. Visit the Site for details, ideas, and a gallery of previous commercial projects.

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