Doing Siding Repairs And Simple Maintenance

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Windows Installer


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When a homeowner has siding placed on their home, they will soon be enjoying the pleasing look it gives to their abode while protecting it as well. Caring for siding is not that difficult. Here are some maintenance steps that can be done to keep siding looking its absolute best.

When a piece of siding appears to be loose from the rest of the panels, doing quick Siding Repairs will be necessary. The panel can be pushed back into place by lifting the panel above it pushing it into the groove on the bottom portion. If there are small rips or tears in new siding, a repair specialist should be called to replace full panels rather than do patchwork. This will ensure the panel is completely solid and free of any voids that may let moisture underneath.

It is very important to clean down siding regularly. This can be done by wrapping an old towel around the bristles on a broom. The towel can be taped in place. Dip the towel into a cleaning solution mixed with water. This can be brushed across each panel, removing any debris in its path. After it is cleaned down, use a pressure washer to remove any excess cleaner from the siding. If there is an area with especially hard to remove grime, use a soft-bristle brush and scrub the area by hand before rinsing.

When siding appears to have an area where mold is present, it will need to be treated promptly, so it does not spread. A mold or mildew cleaner can be applied to the area, or a mixture of bleach and water can be used. Scrub the area and rinse well.

Avoid using a barbecue, grill, or fire pit right next to siding. Siding will melt when excessive temperatures are close. It is also best to cover siding when using pesticides or lawn care products, so there is no alteration in appearance.

When someone needs Siding Repairs done, they can call a reputable service in the area for help.

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