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Get Quality Roof Protection With Help From a Roofing Contractor in Orland Park

The roof of any building is a vital component. A quality roof works to keep moisture out of the property and away from certain construction materials. However, a poorly maintained roof can cause a lot of damage and many of these issues can be avoided. For instance, a Roofing Contractor in Orland Park can temporarily protect a roofing problem by securing a tarp over the roof. If the roof is a low sloped or flat structure, then it may be possible to apply another coating to the roof and seal the leak(s).

The quality of the roof is important and this is especially true with asphalt shingles. Asphalt products can dry out over time and budget-grade versions do so much more quickly. Having a Roofing Contractor in Orland Park install high-quality shingles will avoid this issue because these shingles tend to be thicker and handle heat much better. The warranty ranges for residential shingles go as low as ten to fifteen years, but the better products have warranties from thirty to fifty years and some provide a lifetime warranty. Of course, warranty does not equate to actual longevity, but it does provide a guide to the quality of the product.

Another option for residential roofing is stamped steel. This particular product can simulate almost any other roofing style including Mediterranean styled tiles and cedar shake. Most steel roofing provides a long term solution because the product is thoroughly protected. Steel roofing can be covered with zinc or zinc/aluminum galvanizing or it may be coated with a fluoropolymer-based paint. This provides a protective coating that can survive most of what nature dishes out.

Commercial structures also have multiple options. For example, the flat roof can use BUR (built up roofing), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) and EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) for protection. BUR is an asphalt system that uses multiple layers of bitumen and membranes to protect the structure. Unfortunately, BUR is a budget grade roofing solution that may require frequent repair. The use of polymer membranes such as TPO and PVC tend to be more reliable because the product is installed in large sheets. EPDM is a similar system that is based on rubber. Check the website and discover more info here.

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