Granite Countertops in Phoenix, AZ Provide Beauty and Functionality

by | Sep 16, 2016 | Home Improvement


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Though granite can be expensive, the natural, elegant appeal it adds to a kitchen is well worth the initial cost. Not only is granite a very attractive choice for kitchen counters, but it can also increase the overall value of a home. Installing Granite Countertops in Phoenix AZ can be a good investment for those who may later wish to sell their home.

For families that love to spend time in the kitchen, granite is an excellent choice of material. Its hard, durable surface makes it very resistant to scratches caused by everyday cooking. With granite, you no longer have to worry about typical scratch marks from knife blades or other utensils.

Though granite can be chipped during impact with hard or heavy objects, this does not require the entire surface to be replaced. When accidents or damage occurs, the chip can be repaired to restore the counter to its original beauty. This task is best left to a professional who can use a granite epoxy resin for the repair.

During holidays and large family gatherings, the stovetop area can easily become crowded. A granite counter surface offers a simple solution to this problem. Since they are heat resistant, Granite Countertops in Phoenix AZ will not suffer from burn marks when hot pots or pans are placed on them.

Granite counters are generally very easy to clean because they are typically sealed. When spills occur, a little water and a mild soap cleanser are usually sufficient to prevent stains. It’s important not to use any acidic cleaners that contain bleach, vinegar, lemon, or ammonia. These ingredients can erode the surface over time and lead to a dull finish.

Another benefit of a sealed counter is that it helps to prevent bacteria contamination. To remove germs, hot water and a non-abrasive soap are usually effective. For those that prefer a disinfectant, a homemade solution of water and rubbing alcohol can be used periodically. Simply apply the cleaner and wait a few minutes before rinsing. The surface can then be dried with a soft, microfiber kitchen towel.

The Window Depot has an assortment of prefabricated granite countertops at affordable prices. While they always have an attractive variety on hand, customers also have the ability to special order from a selection of 60 different colors. Visit the Website to browse their product line or learn more about additional home improvement items including cabinets, doors, skylights, and windows.

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