Increasing Ease and Accessibility for Disabled Residents With the Help of a Kitchen Remodeler in Tucson

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Home Improvement


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With the huge population of baby boomers that are senior citizens and elderly individuals, the number of people with disabilities is higher than ever. Many of them continue living in their home as long as they can, even if they don’t have a spouse, partner or roommate. A kitchen remodeler in Tucson can help by making that room more accessible and easier to use.

Changes to Floor Cabinets

For many older men and women, all they would really like is a kitchen that makes life easier. They can’t get on their hands and knees and search through a deep cabinet under the sink for cleaning supplies, or a corner floor cabinet for canned goods. A kitchen remodeler in Tucson can resolve these problems by replacing some floor cabinets with drawers and installing lazy Susan devices in corner cabinetry.

Devices for Ease of Use

People with arthritis or weak hands don’t want the requirement of gripping a handle to turn a faucet on or off, or to open a cupboard or pantry door. These issues can be solved by replacing faucet taps and doorknobs with levers. Faucets also are available in touch-sensitive and motion detection versions. Those are becoming increasingly popular in all homes, not only those in which disabled men and women reside.

Motion detection lights in the kitchen make the room more accessible as well. A light above the sink commonly has a switch that requires reaching over the entire counter, which can be difficult for some individuals. If the light over the dining area has a dimmer, that should operate with a lever switch instead of a dial that must be gripped.

Space Under a Countertop

Someone who cannot stand for a long time to peel vegetables or do other meal prep work will be happy to have a counter with space underneath installed by a contractor such as Davis Kitchens. Now the person can sit on a chair or stepstool and place his or her legs under the counter. This part of the counter may need to be lower than the rest of the space, depending on the person’s abilities. Contact us to learn about the possibilities.

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