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Eyelash Extension Training In Australia: Benefits

Lash enthusiasts everywhere have put off getting their certifications for many reasons. However, there are many benefits of eyelash extension training in Australia, so it’s time to enroll. While it’s intimidating to go back to school, it’s important to get the education you need to provide your clients with the services they desire. Of course, you should consider where the training will be held and make sure that you can be available for the duration of the course. Sometimes, they can last two or three days, so it is a good idea to set aside some time.

Eyelash extension training in Australia allows you to learn the theory and technique, but you’ll also get to practice a lot. Online courses might seem like the better choice, but it’s too hard to work on the technique from a practical standpoint. As such, you may not feel confident, even after you receive your certification. When you work with a trained professional, they are going to ensure that you’re doing things correctly. That way, you walk out with your certificate, knowing that you can extend the eyelashes of your clients without fear.

Tanya Beauty Care Studio & Academy features Khim Hardy, who is the operator and owner of Lashes By Khim. She’s also a trainer at the academy. Early on, she realised that there wasn’t a lot of education or knowledge about lashes, so she started sharing her skills with aspiring technicians. The one-day course gives basic training, though you can find a two-day and three-day course, as well. Therefore, you can sharpen your skills if you’re more advanced or learn the basics if you’re a beginner. Consider checking out the next available classes to determine which one is best for you. Visit to learn more or enroll in a course.

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