Be Inspired by Current Designs of Bathroom Showers in Omaha

by | Aug 8, 2018 | Home Improvement


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Wide selections of the latest designs for bathroom showers in Omaha are rarely found in home improvement stores or furniture and fixture supply stores. Display space is limited because many other items take up space. Lighting, living room and bedroom furniture, and outdoor furniture are also featured within the space. The newest styles are visible online, but it is not quite the same as seeing the overall look in person.

Where to Look?

There are still a few large showrooms that display items for the kitchen and the bathroom only. Appliances, fixtures, hardware, flooring and the most current designs are on display to inspire homeowners. A small bathroom may not appear to have enough space for a shower, but a custom triangle design can fit into any corner. The concept is not ideal for couples but is adequate for a guest room, a basement bathroom, or a second bathroom on the upper story.

Bathroom showers in Omaha with waterfall shower heads can transform regular shower enclosures into luxury spa experiences. Homeowners can choose all the components of a display or mix and match items for an eclectic feel. The selection is extensive. Businesses that enjoy volume sales, such as Kitchens and Baths by Briggs, offer low pricing that is sure to fit into most renovation budgets. Customers will get more for the money.


Plumbers, contractors, construction, and renovation professionals also benefit from large showrooms that have supplies and fixtures in stock. They can apply for a wholesale account to get lower pricing on supplies. They can send in customers to pick out their appliances or bathroom showers in Omaha before the beginning of a remodeling project. Professionals can also accompany customers in to make suggestions, clarify preferences, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Selection Assistance

The experienced staff at the showroom provide selection assistance if desired. Questions are answered, suggestions are plentiful, and customer service is exceptional. Make the experience fun and exciting by exploring many possibilities and styles that will add to the enjoyment of the final results. Take your time, entertain different looks, and measure the space to determine which items will fit into the bathroom.

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