A Simple Guide To Adding Accents To Your South Miami Décor

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Lighting Designers and Suppliers


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Adding a dash of color, a touch of creativity, or a unique piece to a room can make any space in the house look complete. The key for South Miami do-it-yourself interior designers is to avoid the common mistakes when adding accents to the space.

There is no hard and fast definition of what an accent piece is in a room. In general, an accent piece can be anything to add color, design elements, textures or décor elements to a space. There are even entire walls created that are used as accents to the design of the room. Generally, these décor additions will be smaller pieces, carefully selected to enhance the look, mood and feel of the room.

The choice of accent pieces in a room is very personal. These are often piecing which have a form or a design element that is particularly appealing. They may also be a sculpture, candle holder, bowl or wall design that speaks to the individual or adds to the theme and atmosphere of the room.

Consider the Focus

As the term accents imply, the use of these additions to the décor is not meant to create a central focus for the room, but rather to complement and enhance the space. A pop of a jewel tone in red or green looks striking with a tan or beige neutral room, particularly if the furniture and other elements are dark colored or black.

Candle holders, prints, mirrors and beautifully designed bowls and trays strategically placed on coffee and end tables are other possible accents that add to the look of the room.

When choosing any type of accent, simple and minimal is better. Your South Miami room should not appear cluttered or overstocked with items. By having fewer, well- chosen and carefully selected accent pieces, the entire room works together without different pieces competing for attention.

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